Ongoing calls for participation in group exhibitions at pantoART studio and gallery

Call for participation in the group exhibition


In a world full of injustice, where survival has become a daily struggle between rich and poor, good and evil, power and powerlessness, it is not surprising that the need for justice is almost as old as humanity itself. The fascination with the invented superheroes from comics and movies, with their superpowers and strong moral sense of justice, confirm this longing for strong figures who are supposed to put everything in order.

Therefore, the supernatural powers and abilities of superheroes are equated to some deeds of people who help and "save" from bad situations, and these are then designated as superheroes in their own right. These are often mothers, fathers or siblings who fight for more justice in life. Or, the fire brigade, the rescue, the police etc. - without having the superpower of a superhero. What are the hidden forces that make us human beings and move us only in certain moments to extra-natural deeds? Who are the villains of today and can humanity be saved from itself?
The exhibition will juxtapose the fantasy world and the real world and highlight aspects of the human and the superhuman.

For this group exhibition, artworks from the fields of painting, collage, mixed media, graphics and photography are sought. The focus of the artistic examination of the theme should be recognizable in the artwork.
Artists living in Austria, with or without artistic training, can apply.

Application form:

- completed registration form - here > Anmeldung Superhero
- photo of 1-2 artworks as JPG-file
- short statement about the artwork (Word-file, max. 100 words)
- short biography (Word file, max. 100 words)

The artwork may be max. 85 cm in width - incl. possible frames!
The year of production of the work is not relevant for the selection.

All required files must be submitted to the e-mail by 26.02.2023, 24:00 at the latest.
The notification whether and which artwork has been selected for the exhibition will be sent by e-mail on 05.03.2023.