be a part of pantoART - Welcome to pantoART studio and gallery

The studio

pantoART is the studio of visual artist Panto Trivkovic. It is the place where he continuously works on new projects and on the realization of his numerous creative ideas. His guiding principle is: "The wonderful thing about art is - it is not real - it becomes real only through us. More information about the artist you can read in the section "Panto Trivkovic".

Panto Trivkovic visual artist and owner of pantoART Studio and Gallery

The gallery

In 2018 pantoART studio and gallery was opened with the aim to give emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks.

Exceptional contemporary art of various styles and techniques, as well as photographs and sculptures are presented in conceived exhibitions.

The themes for the regular group exhibitions are planned in the long term and included in the annual program of pantoART studio and gallery. In the section "Call for Artists" you will find the current calls for artists, as well as information about the conditions of participation and the application procedure.

Send requests for solo exhibitions to the pantoART e-mail address.

pantoART studio and gallery stands for self-determination and fairness.

Therefore, no commissions are to be paid to pantoART for sold artworks.

Also pantoART does not take any artists under contract.