Here are informations about the different art projects Panto Trivkovic was involved

"5 Minutes with..." is the name of the exciting interview series in which Panto Trivkovic invites artists to talk to him. In the context of the 5 questions asked, the respective personalities are highlighted and insights into their creative processes are provided.
The videos can be seen on YouTube on the channel of pantoART.

Jutta Wenth
Sylvia Kölbl
Paul Delpani
Theresia Erös
Antonella Quacchia
Ivana Kokanovic
Daniela Rohrer
Rosa Besler
Heidrun Karlic

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With the 2nd and 3rd series of 25 small artworks, 5x8 cm or 8x5 cm, Panto Trivkovic is back at the art project KunstARTomat.
The current works are from the photo series "Tree pruning" and are digitally altered photographs. In the 1st series were originals, and black and white photo postcards. Trivkovic processed these with hot wax and designed them into unmistakable unique pieces.

Westbahnstrasse 40
1070 Vienna

KunstARTomat is a converted cigarette vending machine. After inserting 2x € 2,- coins, you get, instead of a pack of cigarettes, a box with a small work of art. In this way, you get the opportunity to meet different participating artists for little money.

Charity exhibition "CF... so what? - Live your life!"

The project was initiated by the artist Martin Luisi and the 22-year-old Lisa Polt, who is affected by the disease, in order to draw attention to the congenital metabolic disease cystic fibrosis (CF).

Panto Trivkovic curated the exhibition and presented in his gallery pantoART from 25-27.02.2022 selected works by a total of 15 Austrian contemporary artists, from the fields of painting, graphics, collage, mixed media, and photography.

5 artworks were sold and € 1.830,- donated to the association CF Hilfe Wien, NÖ, N-Bgld,.

5th +6th Anime Senza Voce

Anime Senza Voce - the international event of contemporary art against child abuse, has adapted its 5th (2020) and 6th Editon (2021) to the actions against Covid-19. In both years, the submitted artworks were presented on historical buildings during three days each by means of video projection. The selected Italian cities were:
Cervia, Ravenna, Bertinoro, Cattolica, Milano Marittima.

Panto Trivkovic participated in both editions with 4 artworks each and in this way supported the work of this organization.

ARTBOX.TALENT & Swiss Art EXPO 2020 Project "Together we are one"

When the world came to a standstill with the 1st Lock Down 2020, threatened by the Covid 19 pandemic, a very difficult time also began for the art world. Many artists had to cancel their exhibitions and no one could predict what would happen next.

As a sign of cohesion ARTBOX.TALENT, in cooperation with Swiss Art EXPO 2020, started the project "Together we are one". Visual artists worldwide were invited to participate.

The idea: for 30 days, on an A4 sheet, divided into grids, to artistically design only one field each day - a form of Corona Art diary.
All submissions were graphically/digitally combined into one image and printed on a canvas measuring 200 cm x 600 cm. This collaborative work was exhibited in August during the Swiss ART EXPO 2020 at the Zurich train station.

Panto Trivkovic was part of this historic moment with his work "Corona Chronicles".