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pantoART studio and gallery started 2021 with the new series of themed group exhibitions. The carefully and professionally selected artworks represent national and international artists. The current Call for Artists can be found in their own section.

pantoART News:

Due to the new regulations in force from 13.12.2021, pantoART studio and gallery is pleased to invite you to the finissage of the current exhibition "Three Wishes" on Friday, 17.12.2021 from 18:00-22:00.

Please note the "2G rule"!

The exhibition can be visited from 13.-17.12.2021 by appointment.

About the exhibition:
The exhibition "Three Wishes" shows in a variety of ways the artistic interpretations of this theme. The deepest inner feelings and needs implemented in a work of art. Love, happiness, health, wealth, respectively all the material and spiritual longings and reveries of a person. The similarities are compared to the fancy and unfulfillable desires and then examined. On display are selected contemporary artworks from the fields of painting, collage, mixed media, graphics and photography.

With works by:

Theresia ERÖS
Heidrun KARLIC
Stefanie KNECHTL
Sylvia KÖLBL
Claudia LA
Antonella QUACCHIA
Daniela ROHRER

News, News, News:

There is great joy, because an artwork by Panto Trivkovic was published in the commemorative publication "Art in Motion - 110 Years of the Professional Association of Austrian Visual Artists". A truly great honor to be part of it.

ISBN: 978-3-200-08054-6

More News by pantoART:

"5 minutes with..." is the name of the new highly exciting interview series, in which pantoART Atelier and Gallery invites artists for a conversation. In the context of the 5 questions asked, the respective personalities are put in the light and insights into their creative processes are granted. The videos can be seen on YouTube on the channel of pantoART studio and gallery.

Please click here for "5 Minuten mit Jutta Wenth":

This link goes to "5 Minuten mit Sylvia Kölbl" :

With this link you can see "5 Minuten mit HOBE":

And here is "5 Minuten mit Paul Delpani":

The interview "5 Minuten mit Theresia Erös" is here:

And now the link to "5 Minuten mit Antonella Quacchia":

Here is the link to"5 Minuten mit Ivana Kokanovic":

Find here the link to "5 Minuten mit Daniela Rohrer":

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still current:

The painting "explicit there" by Panto Trivkovic was selected by a jury of experts in 2019 in a long selection process among hundreds of submissions of abstract painters worldwide to be published in a book.

Art Folio published in the fall of 2020 this art book (200 p.) in an edition of 2000 pcs. by Glitterati Editions.

ISBN: 978-1-943876-16-7