Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1967, raised in Germany, visual artist and photographer Ing. Panto Trivkovic has lived and worked in Vienna for over 30 years. From 2018 to mid 2023 he was the owner of pantoART studio and gallery, where he was able to successfully implement numerous exhibitions as a curator.

Through his training as a civil engineer for structural engineering, he sharpened his visual perception, three-dimensional thinking and learned to work in a structured and goal-oriented manner. Trivkovic specialized in painting with hot wax and also applies this technique to photographs. As a result, these become unique and one-of-a-kind works of art that cannot be reproduced. Other painting techniques he works with are ink and watercolor.

I think up stories, but I don't write them down. Instead, I paint them and in this way bring them closer to the viewer. This is about self-expression and change of perspective, but also about breaking out of habitual thought patterns. I usually use strong colors to visualize the world of emotions and to emphasize certain contents. Time and space also have a special meaning in my paintings. Both dimensions are difficult to grasp and thus offer endless possibilities for interpretation.

The yearning watercolor & ink on paper
Catch the Moment & Anubis Moment Photography & hot wax on photography on Alu-Dibond

The camera is for me a unique means of capturing what I see as a photograph, to subsequently create a work of art from it in a very individual way. The possibilities for this are unlimited.

Panto Trivkovic is a member of the Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria, where he is the section leader of the Photo and Multimedia section. He is also a member of the ÖVF - the Austrian Association of Photography.

Further membership with International Encaustic Artists (USA).

The discrepancy Diptychon, ink on canvas


Since 2018, artworks by Panto Trivkovic have been regularly exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Austria, as well as abroad.

Here is a selection of the exhibition venues:

Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Old sliding chamber, Vienna

Water Tower, Vienna

Gallery at the Wachaumuseum, Weißenkirchen, Lower Austria

Sala Terrena, Mödling, Lower Austria

Gauermann Museum, Miesenbach, Lower Austria

Armando Xhomo Art Gallery, Florence, Italy

Kunstsalon Schönbrunn, Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna

Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Prague International Art Exhibition, Capek Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

FOMO - Festival for Contemporary Photography, Graz, Austria

Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain

Studio Gallery KulturAXE, Vienna

PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Kunsttreff Moosach, Munich, Germany

Art Number 23 Gallery, Salzburg

Otto Mauer Center, Vienna

Bergerhaus, Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria

Gallery Eichgraben, Lower Austria

Galleriumart, CanadaExhibizone, Canada

Biafarin Awards 2021, Canada

5th + 6th Edition Anime Senza Voce, Italy

Kulturschloss Reichenau, Reichenau, Lower Austria

Gloggnitz Castle, Lower Austria

Großrußbach Castle, Lower Austria

Independent & Image Art Space Gallery, Chongqing, China

Artcontract, Moscow, Russia

NV Center Galleries, St. Pölten, Austria

Tha Guardians hot wax on hardboard
The privilege hot wax on hardboard
Eleonora hot wax on b/w photography
Frederike hot wax on b/w photography
Morning Dew Photography
dot. dot. dot. Photography